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South Australian company takes water treatment technology to India

20 November

South Australian company takes water treatment technology to India

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South Australian company Hydro-dis® is taking its revolutionary water treatment technology to India, thanks to introductions made during the 2016 State Government-led business mission to the country.

Hydro-dis® has visited India three times in the past year, securing a pilot site in Rajasthan through the Rajasthan Centre of Excellence in Water Resources Management - established by the South Australian and Rajasthan Governments to help facilitate the sharing of water management expertise.

Hydro-dis® is partnering with the Malaviya National Institute of Technology (MNIT) to install the pilot plant in one of the MNIT student accommodation buildings, which houses 400 students. The project will facilitate performance testing of the Hydro-dis® System and enable student research using the Hydro-dis® water treatment technology. 

The testing program has been designed to facilitate Indian certification of the Hydro-dis® technology (similar to its Australian AS 4020 certification) so it can be installed throughout India. 

Hydro-dis® Managing Director Mark Carey said India is a key growth market for the company.

“We see the Indian market as a key growth opportunity for the Hydro-dis® technology, as the product can help deliver safe, disinfected drinking water to the many villages and rural communities who currently have limited or no access to safe drinking water,” Mark said.

“The State Government led business mission has opened doors for us in India, doors we would not have even found the street the door opened on to.”

The Hydro-dis® system is a proven unique water disinfection technique that can be applied to a wide variety of water use applications ranging from potable (drinking water) through to waste water (sewerage).

The Holden-Hill based company has been recognised as a leader in the industry, finding solutions that are cost effective, environmentally friendly and that eliminate the risks of existing chemical treatment options.

Hydro-dis® participated in the 2016 State Government-led business mission to India, as well as the 2017 business mission to India held between 5 and 11 November. 

These business missions form part of the South Australia-India Engagement Strategy