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First Indigenuity Expo showcases Aboriginal-owned businesses

01 December

First Indigenuity Expo showcases Aboriginal-owned businesses

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The state’s first expo of Aboriginal-owned and operated businesses showcased the goods and services of more than 30 exhibitors to industry, the community and government agencies.

Exhibitors at the Indigenuity Expo included those involved in building and construction, environmental services, design and publication, food production and preparation, health and community services, training and counselling, hire services, employment services, tourism, real estate and automotive services.

Industry Advocate Ian Nightingale said his office is currently working with over 70 South Australian Aboriginal owned businesses with a view to raising their capacity and capability to secure State Government contracts.

“This includes direct negotiation purchases under $33,000 and packages within the supply chain of major projects,” he said.

“Of these businesses, close to half of them have successfully quoted or tendered for contracts with state government.

“The integration of Aboriginal Economic Participation into the South Australian Industry Participation Policy and the introduction of the Industry Advocate Act 2017 gives my role as the Advocate the power to implement the Policy objectives and to ensure commitments that are made as part of a tender are delivered,” he said.

The expo builds on the State Government’s Aboriginal Business Procurement Policy, which aims to cut red tape and boost economic benefits to South Australian Aboriginal-owned businesses.

Developed by the Government in partnership with Supply Nation, Aboriginal Business Connect is a one-stop-shop for anyone looking to procure from a business that is 50 per cent or more Aboriginal-owned and based in South Australia: